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Rules and Regulations


Fulton Fun Factory

Rules & Regulations


  1. No Shoes in play area for anyone (Please let guests know to bring socks if you are booking a party). 

  2. Socks are required to be worn by Children and Adults on the Play Area Floor (No Shoes, No Bare Feet).  Socks will be available for purchase if needed.

  3. No food, gum or drinks allowed in the play area ( this includes bottles and sippy cups)

  4. No rough play allowed

  5. Children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times

  6. No children may be “dropped off” at the facility

  7. No adults on the play equipment ( unless there is the need to   help a child )

  8. The use of Fulton Fun Factory is at your own risk

  9. All injuries must be reported to Fulton Fun Factory personnel         

Fulton Fun Factory is not a daycare.

Parents/Guardians/Caregivers are responsible for supervising their children while they are on the premises.


Waiver Form



This release applies to this visit to Fulton Fun Factory as well as all subsequent visits.  By signing this release one time the parent / guardian acknowledges that it’s terms and conditions will apply in each subsequent visit although no release will be signed on these subsequent visits.


Fulton Fun Factory have staff who monitor the equipment, however, Parent’s / Guardians are totally responsible for their children while they are attending Fulton Fun Factory and recognize that participation in any free-play activity poses potential risk to their child.

By attending Fulton Fun Factory the Parent / Guardian understands that they absolve, release and hold harmless Fulton Fun Factory, it’s officers, directors, managers, employees, and successors from any and all liability for injuries or damages that their children may sustain in connection with admission and participation in Fulton Fun Factory Activities.


In case of an emergency the Parent / Guardian will be responsible for taking the appropriate action.  In the absence of this action being taken Fulton Fun Factory reserve the right to obtain whatever medical treatment is deemed appropriate for the welfare of the child.  All of which costs associated with this treatment to be borne solely by the Parent / Guardian regardless of whether medical insurance covers such charges and fees.







Family Profile Form



Please Print Clearly   * Denotes Required Information


*Adult #1 ______________________________

                   First Name                         Last    


Relationship to Child_____________________


*Adult #2 ______________________________

                First Name                         Last                        

Relationship to Child_____________________


*Home Address ______________________________ Street         ______________________________ City _______________ State ____________Zip


*Phone #

1. __________-__________-___________

2. __________-__________-___________


Email Address ______________________________________

By Supplying an email address, you allow us to notify you of any Fulton Fun Factory Promotions



  1. *Child’s Name ______________________________________________ Male or Female


*Date of Birth _________________________


How did you hear about us? (Please Circle)


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